After decades of collective experience navigating the ‘boom or bust’ construction industry; the JEDD team believed we had seen it all. However, the unprecedented impact of the current global economic downturn on the construction industry has changed that. As a result, finance is tougher to secure than ever before – and usually at prohibitive rates – which caused a downturn in confidence levels and the axing of countless projects.

If the health economy is used as a barometer, there is little doubt that ‘construction’ has the power to lead the way out of this crisis. To do that, it is important for us that as the business environment has changed forever… so must we.

At JEDD, we have always been steadfast in our core values of quality, safety, integrity, transparency, professionalism, community empowerment and black empowerment – and that will never change. But, as we’ve witnessed changing market needs, we have taken a full 360° review of our business and reengineered it to meet those changing needs.

To counter the trend of packaging businesses into independent – often unrelated – specialist silos that cater to distinct aspects of a project we take on: JEDD is getting back to basics. We combine all of our world-class skills, expertise and resources, to offer our clients a single source for comprehensive service that partners with them through every phase of the project lifecycle.  

This has become industry standard for all its major players but, our seamless, integrated approach is what sets JEDD apart in the mid-tier construction market we serve. Built on expectations we have for the partnerships we build with our valued clients, that they last as long as the solutions we design – and bring to life – for them.

Our 100% black-owned, mid-tier construction powerhouse is ready to build those kinds of partnerships and begin working on all your new project ideas.

Our difference

JEDD has extensive experience and expertise across civil and building projects that have transformed the mining environment for the better. We provide seamless, synergistic solutions for all of our construction clients; whose appreciation and satisfaction have been testament to the incredible benefits of choosing our streamlined project management and trustworthy delivery.

We see the growing demand for the most ‘efficient, cost-effective and optimised’ solutions and we are proud to offer superior construction services and turnkey projects that always deliver from start to finish.

JEDD is a 100% black-owned and run business that helped cultivate diverse expertise and experience across the civil, industrial, retail, commercial and residential sectors. JEDD’s clients benefit from partnering with us through:

Top-calibre construction professionals who share an innate understanding of the industry: its demands, its challenges and its complexities including the technical skillset, creative flair and can-do mindsets to get the job done.

And a singular, yet multi-faceted, specialist firm that integrates all areas of civils, building and project management functions necessary to be a market leader.

“Our ability to measure and manage the operational and financial factors across the Group, ensures the sustainability and profitability of our business and allows for us to scale up to meet clients’ needs effortlessly.”




 Walter Mgiba Pr.Tech.Eng. B Tech.Eng. (Civil)

Operations Director 

Walter is the spearhead of JEDD! From a young age, Walter has impressed and, over the years, grown into his incredible ability and leadership. In his 15 years with JEDD (and in his studies at Vaal Technikon prior) he has impressed with his hard work, determination, learning and listening and have helped develop his significant skills.

A natural-born leader, Walter has been able to hold council with any number of men and women of all ages, colours and creeds. He is an extremely proficient engineer, manager and leader that is reflected in his CV by the impressive contracts the he has personally managed and seen to come to fruition.  Walter has been at the forefront of JEDD’s striking growth and has grown, himself, from a young, keen engineer into the formidable Managing Director and Director of Operations he is today.

 Dave Chapman


Dave is a registered professional engineer and professional construction manager including, a diploma in financial management. He has more than 35 years’ experience in the civil engineering and construction industries, gained through work for various companies before starting his own, successful businesses.

Dave’s contract experience is vast and varied and ranges from the building of concrete bridges, roads, reservoirs, sewage and water works, township infrastructure, welded pipelines, houses and office buildings to secure sectional title developments, lifestyle cluster complexes, retirement villages, industrial warehouses, commercial office parks and other property developments. This experience along with a keen eye for detail has enabled Dave to triumph as our Chairman.

 Jason Chapman

Managing Director

After qualifying as a mechanical engineer, Jason spent six years in mechanical design and materials management. This provided an excellent grounding in systems, production processes, manufacturing and operations.

In addition, his subsequent experience in project management, civil engineering as well as the building and construction fields is what made his initial appointment as Project Manager for the JEDD Group, in 2006, so exciting. Along with his expertise in commercial and retail development, Jason specialises in the development, project management and marketing of exclusive up-market cluster schemes. His success in these various construction fields led to Jason’s appointment as Managing Director for the JEDD Group, in 2016.

 Caelie Ferguson

Financial Director, ACMA and CGMA 

Caelie Ferguson, a finance professional with a BCom in Accounting (2008) and CIMA certification (2013), has carved a notable path through the finance and accounting landscape. Her journey spans roles such as Cost Accountant, Management Accountant, and Financial Manager, culminating in her pivotal role as Financial Director since 2017 at Jedd. Caelie’s expertise is broad and deep, covering meticulous financial record-keeping, cost management, and strategic forecasting across various industries. Her analytical skills are complemented by her adeptness in data analysis, including advanced functionalities, which she leverages to drive decisions and insights.

Recognized for her positive outlook, analytical acumen, communication skills, people skills and a strong sense of work ethic for both company and family, Caelie has become an indispensable asset to Jedd.

We are 100% black-owned

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